Avanthi Institute of Pharmaceutical SciencesOur Faculty

Elite cadre Professors, Assistant Professors and Senior Faculty with vast research experience who have immence pleasure in motivating and guiding the students in right path are available.

Faculty Details

Sl No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Prof. G. Adinarayana Principal M. Pharm, Ph.D
2 Prof. S.Satyanarayana Director M. Pharm, Ph.D, DAS.
3 Prof. Dillip Kumar Sahoo Professor M.Pharm., Ph.D
4 Dr. K Murali Krishna Professor M.Pharm., Ph.D
5 Prof. ALT Kalyani Professor M.Pharm., Ph.D
6 Prof. D. Ramadevi Professor M.Pharm,Ph.D
7 Mr. P. Narasimha Sarma Assoc. Prof., M.Pharm.,(Ph.D)
8 Mrs.B.Ramavathi Assoc. Prof., M.Pharm.,(Ph.D)
9 Mr.B.Rama Rao Assoc. Prof. B.Pharm., M.Tech
10 Mr. Santanu Kumar Hotta Assoc. Prof. M.Pharm (Chemistry)
11 Mr.S. Murali Mohan Assoc. Prof. M.Pharm (Cognosy)
12 Mr. V. Uma Sankar Assoc. Prof. M.Pharm.,(Ph.D)
13 Mrs. S. Swarna Latha Assoc. Prof. M.Pharm.,(Ph.D)
14 Mrs. K.Swathi Priya Assoc. Prof. M.Pharm (Cognosy)
15 Mrs.B.Aruna Assoc. Prof. M.Pharm (Ceutics)
16 Mrs.B.Chaitanya Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Analysis)
17 Ms. Sushma Bondada Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Chemistry)
18 Ms. Y. Vishnu Vandana Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Ceutics)
19 Mrs. T. Manasa Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Ceutics)
20 Mrs.M.Madhavikumari Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Cology)
21 Ms. R.Chandrika Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Analysis)
22 Mrs.S.Sreedevi Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
23 Mr P.Sandeep Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Ceutics)
24 Mrs.A.H.V Santhoshi Asst. Prof. M.Pharm (Chemistry)
25 Mrs. T. Kalpana Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Cognosy)
26 Mr. S Arun Satya Dev Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Chemistry)
27 Mr Ch. Kodanda Ramu Asst. Prof., M.Tech (CSE)
28 Ms. B. Hari Priya Asst. Prof., Pharma D
29 K. Anil Asst. Prof., Msc Maths
30 Mrs. Y Pavani Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Analysis)
31 Mrs. M. Saraswathi Sowmya Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Chemistry)
32 Mrs. M.K.Rekha Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
33 Mr.Mohammad Muneeb Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
34 Mr. S. Ramakrishna Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
35 Mr. B Chinna Ramesh Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
36 Ms. L.Bharathi Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Cology)
37 Mrs.GNS Santhoshi Lakshmi Asst. Prof., Pharm.D
38 Ms.S Venkata Vijaya Lakshmi Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
39 Mr. V.C.Randeep Raj Asst. Prof., Pharm.D
40 Ms. K. Kranthi Kumari Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Cology)
41 Ms L Divya Sri Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Analysis)
42 Ms. B Poornima Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Cognosy)
43 Mr. B Anil kumar Asst. Prof., Pharm.D
44 Mrs. K Venkata Radhika Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
45 Mrs. P Nisha Rao Asst. Prof., M.A (English)
46 Mr. Koppisetty Bhagavan Rajesh Babu Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Analysis)
47 Ms. Kanthi Latha Asst. Prof., M,Pharm (Ceutics)
48 Ms. A Sree Geetha Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Analysis)
49 S Nishanth Raj Asst. Prof., M.Pharm (Ceutics)